Perfect Wife

My last project of the first year of University is also the project I am most proud of. Fashion, humour, 60's style and a strong woman, what more could you want. These photographs I am about to share, all come together to make a magazine called 'Perfect Wife'. The magazine shows the quotes from the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Waste

A slightly late post due to how intense this project was. Apologies! I wanted to show how much 'stuff' is loved for a matter of minutes and then thrown away around Christmas time. Because Christmas is a fun time to be with family and friends and appreciating each others company (and the food), I didn't... Continue Reading →

Still Life

If you've already browsed through my blog, you will know that I am a big fan of colour. This post is full of colourful┬áimages with a 'graphics vibe'. We got given the topic of 'still life' and were told to use the daylight studio (meaning; a very bright, open room with white walls.) I always... Continue Reading →

Editorial Fashion Portraiture

Within these past two weeks at Uni, I have been inducted into the studio and have learnt all about lighting and colour. I knew the basics of how to light a studio before in A-level but we went more into depth with the lighting we used and how to connect it with radio triggers. These... Continue Reading →

Took a trip to NYC

From living in a small village and going on holiday to quaint places like Italy, Greece and France; New York was definitely a shock to the system! I am a massive wimp when it comes to big cities and loud spaces but i hope i kept my cool haha. On this trip we went to... Continue Reading →

Naples in a Nutshell – 2016

Hello all, i thought i would share with you some of my photographs from my college trip to Naples.┬áI have fallen in love with Italy ever since i first stepped foot in Florence in 2015. The bright coloured painted walls really appeal to me as a photographer who likes colour;). A little bit of history.... Continue Reading →

BS5 2016

Walking around the BS5 area of Bristol presents a new cultural experience. High street chains are no more, instead, a diverse selection of stores from numerous ethnicities, selling everything to represent their country of origin. This area is a shock to the senses; with sounds of diverse languages and imported cultural clothing, paint swatch shop... Continue Reading →

St. Ives

Third week of University and we're off to St. Ives! Having been there once before when i was young, i was excited to go back and experience the white and blue colours again. When we arrived, the weather was dull and miserable. As. Per. Usual. However we tried not to let that dampen our spirits.... Continue Reading →

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